A unique treatment of Marma Chikilsa for lumbar disc prolapse and other spinal disorders.
      Dr. Shibin p Joseph has developed a unique method for the treatment of low back pain caused by lumbar disc prolapse and other spinal disorders.

Due to present life style, hectic activity and changing food habits, mostly people are prone to bone and joint related illness. The diseases like arthritis, vertebral diseases, low back ache, spondylosis, degenerative bone diseases are becoming more prevalent making life more miserable for the common. In this context Hitha provides highly effective treatment for the above diseases on the basis of classical protocol system in our hospital. The treatments consist of special formulations and therapy schedules to suit the condition of the disease and patient.

Other Ayurvedic Treatment.

Effective Ayurvedic treatment for back pain, knee joint pain, asthma, diabetes infertility, hair regrowth, knee pain, dandruff, paralysis,obesity, pimples, migrane, hair loss, hair fall, skin diseases, fibroids, piles, weight loss, constipation, acidity, osteoarthritis, cholestrol, jauntice, sciatica, osteoporosis, hemorrhoids, gastric problms, spondylitis, cough, insomnia, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, PCOS , sinusitis etc...

We proudly state that various chronic cases are being successfully cured with expertise and genuine medicines here. Number of patients from in and abroad reach our hospital for treatment of various ailments.

In Ayurveda, the treatment comprises of a combination of internal and external medications taking into consideration the nature of disease, patient constitution, diet habits etc. Internal medications includes herbal decoctions, powders, pills etc. and external medication are of various therapy modules to suit patient and disease. The treatments are mostly patient specific and may vary from person to person depending on the condition of the illness.

The treatment focuses on curative, eliminative and wellness aspects which are scientifically designed to cater to the needs of the people. Hitha Hospital also provides skin care, physical and mental relaxation exercises for patients. The patients are examined thoroughly on the basis of a classical protocol system considering the prakrithi (Constitution) Ahara (Diet pattern), Desam (Place) Kalam (Season) Balam (Vital strength) etc, which play the key roles in diagnosing and prescribing the appropriate treatments.

Dr shibin p Joseph.: Kerala's long and illustrious tradition in ayurveda has been acclaimed worldwide for its authenticity. An equable climate, ready access to a large variety of naturally growing medicinal plants and herbs, centuries of rigorously following classical ayurvedic principles and practices ... all these make ayurvedic treatments in Kerala highly reliable and effective. The Kerala-specific disease prevention methods, including Panchakarma therapies, have a unique history of evolution and offer many exceptional techniques for complete and lasting health. Panchakarma is the paramount part of Ayurveda treatments with both preventive and curative applications for ensuring the normalcy of Thridoshas (the three functional humours of the body), with emphasis on detoxification of the body by eliminating the imbalanced Doshas through different therapeutic methodologies, strict dietary regimen and lifestyle changes to ensure total health.

Dr. Shibin p Joseph: Thekkady, is an example of nature Bounty where a beauty refines itself without a human approach, renowned for its Periyar wildlife sanctuary, Thekkady is a trademark of beauty where nature and only nature resides with its all arms open.